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Copyright Notice and Policies

Section 1 Copyright Notice © Randy Allen,  All Rights Reserved

All works of art, photograph, logos, designs and text on this website are the exclusive copyrighted works of Randall Allen and may not be used without permission and/or payment of valid licensing and usage fees.

Any redistribution or reproduction of photography, artwork, or content featured on this site written authorization of the copyright owner is considered unauthorized without expresspriorusage and is strictly prohibited.

Section 2 To Obtain Authorized Usage Permission

If you are interested in using any of the images and/or content on this website in any manner, please contact us to discuss your personal or commercial use project, and we will work with you to come up with a proper licensing agreement to meet your needs and budget, or we will put you in touch with our commercial licensing agent.

Section 3 Definition of Unauthorized Usage

Unauthorized usage includes, but is not limited to, any or all of the following actions performed without payment to the copyright holder or written permission from the copyright holder:

- Saving or downloading images/text

- Printing of images/text Sharing of images/text {other than through official "share" buttons for Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, which must include a link back to this website in the share}

- Reproducing the images/text in any manner Downloading, cropping out the logo/watermark, and sharing artistsas your own work on any website or in any publication

- Displaying images on any website, advertisement, or in any publication

- Displaying images "mocked up" on a product shown on any website, advertisement, or  publication

Section 4 Fees for Unauthorized Usage

In the event an individual, company or organization uses any of the images and/or content by Randall Allen on this website {or by Randall Allen from any of our official licensee websites} in an unauthorized manner as defined above, the individual, company or organization responsible for the unauthorized usage hereby agrees:

- To pay the copyright holder, Randall Allen, a fee of $5,000 USD per image/content for the first image/content violation

- To pay the copyright holder, Randall Allen, a fee of $5,000 USD for each additional unauthorized use of said image/content.

In addition, the individual, company or organization using images/text in an unauthorized manner automatically agrees for any website, store, web host, company, organization or publisher where infringing material is still located to immediately take the following actions on their behalf:

(a) Remove each instance of the infringing material

(b) Turn over all records of any sales for unauthorized images

(c) Forward a total of all funds currently being held from sales of infringing material directly to the copyright holder, Randall Allen

Section 5 Legal Fees

In the event an individual, company or organization using images/content in an unauthorized manner refuses to comply with the above agreement and provide payment of all fees as listed above, legal action will be pursued, with the individual, company, or organization infringing on the artist's copyright fully agreeing to pay all applicable court costs, fines, and attorney's fees associated with said unauthorized use and copyright violation. 

Any individual, company or organization using any images/content by Randall Allen from this website or from any of our official licensee websites in an unauthorized manner and in violation of United States Copyright law, hereby agrees to immediate payment of all of the above listed fees, and to fully comply with any additional actions which may be pursued by the copyright holder Randall Allen in an effort to ensure there will be no future violations.

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